Saturday, May 23, 2015

Starting Solids

For the past month or so, Ezra has been showing interest in food. I've let him taste avocado & banana so far but he wasn't really excited about eating.
Yesterday, he had an appointment with OT & we tried feeding him avocado with breastmilk. He was obsessed. Like trying to grab the food and lunging at the spoon obsessed. It was great.

So today was day two of solids. He's still loving it. I made a batch and stored it in small plastic containers, I think there's about 6 with two teaspoons each. Here he is today:

The next foods we'll be trying are carrots or parsnips, depending on which I find. I've got a whole list of what we'll try after that. I can't wait to see how he reacts to different foods. :)


You'll notice he has no ng tube...
look at that face. ugh I love him.
It was out when we woke up yesterday morning, I replaced it to feed him, and then he threw it up. He eats more by mouth when the tube is out, but not quite enough. The spikes on the following charts are days with the tube out:
Unfortunately, he still only eats about 30% of his total volume, which is no where near enough.
Anyways, I'll probably replace the tube at some point today. I'm working on a post about our ng placement routine. I'm excited about it because I only found a few posts about it when Ezra first came home with tube, and they were way more helpful than the majority of the things I learned from nurses/doctors about tube placement.

Thanks for reading!

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